Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year for Halloween Dutch was.....
an Auburn football player for daycare Halloween.

And Claire for trick or treating!

 He is obsessed with dogs right now so his costume was perfect.  

I love Halloween costumes that have something handmade on them. This was super simple, I just basted some fur onto the stomach of a white romper, added a little tail and I was done with that.  His collar is super cute, just a piece of felt with a cardboard name tag.  I ordered his puppy cap off of etsy and added the fur to the ears.

Woof Woof!

We headed up to spend Halloween with Dutch's cousins.  It was probably the only time we will get to be with all of Dutch's cousins on Halloween.  The festivities were around the time that he wants to be in bed so we were afraid he would act like a dog with rabies, but all was well.

Just for fun last year
Donald Duck Dutch

Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall-ing Behind

Catching up on fall around here...
A few years ago I saw a Frankenstein front door for Halloween and this year I had to do my own with my new green front door! Yessssssss!

Before I franked the door I had a pumpkin that my BIL Joe made.

I moved it to the fence but had to stain it orange because it was too camo'd by the fence.

If you want a pumpkin of your own you can email me or contact Joe 334-707-0227, he will hook you up will pumpkins of all sizes.  Smaller than mine, same size as mine, bigger than mine and really big that can stand alone in the yard.  Your own pumpkin patch.

I love Halloween and the cute and cheesy decorations that go along with it.  Dutch has enjoyed all of the pumpkins and a few Halloween other things we have around the house.  Next year though I am blowing it up with Halloween decorations and maybe a backyard carnival.

We just barely made it to the pumpkin patch before Halloween.

Dutch wouldn't get out of Eric's arms so we didn't even get a picture of him with a pumpkin.  But a mullet and baby in overalls without a shirt count for something right?

We found some pumpkins after all.

Aww same place last year.  We can just pretend that nothing had changed.

We have been partaking in a lot of the holiday's finest, Halloween Oreo's.  Dutch has learned all about dunking an Oreo.  Next we will learn how to not make a huge mess with one.

Can you say great parents?  You know the kind that give out Oreos after nap time!

Fall has been fun but it has been fast this year.  It has also been pretty warm.  Perfect to squeeze in some corduroy shorts!

Dutch is concerned about the cold weather ahead.

Have a great Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Candy Tote

I know Halloween is just a few days away but if your kids need a cute Trick or Treat bag you still have time to whip one up!
I bought a $2 tote from Hobby Lobby with intentions of appliqueing Dutch's name on it with some little spiders in the background.  But then I talked myself into going the easy and quick route and painted his candy tote instead.

I was going to do gingham but came up with this pattern.  Not sure what it is called, maybe a type of gingham?  Draw off your grid then trace a circle.  I traced the d from the computer.

I used a sharpie to trace my lines but I hate the way they smell so I used craft paint for the rest.  The pattern is easy but I did mess up once on my very last row I was painting. Make sure you don't paint inside your circle.  Paint everything out and you are done!

Anyway I think it turned out pretty cute and I am about 99.9% sure Dutch won't notice my mistake.  It will hold candy all the same.  Fingers crossed we he gets lots of Reese cups!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Easy Monogram T-Shirt

Dutch is getting to the age where his clothes are getting messed up at daycare.  Even though he doesn't wear nice clothes everyday (hey that is what OxyClean was invented for),  I still like him to look nice.  A few weeks ago I picked up some blank tshirts for appliques for daycare shirts.  I really like the Granimals brand from Walmart.  They are nice quality and under $4 per shirt!
I have plans to make appliques for the other shirts but needed something quick so I did freezer paper stencils on a few of them.  These are super easy and take just a few minutes.

First print off your design.  I used sketch serif font with the K at 400 size and the DT at 200 size.

Trace over with your freezer paper, cut out and iron onto your tshirt.

Make sure you put a piece of cardboard on the inside of the shirt to prevent bleeding.  Paint with craft paint being careful around the edges.  

Peel freezer paper off and you are finished!

You can see on the green shirt I had a little bit of bleed through, but good enough for daycare. 

Friday, October 3, 2014


Even though September has come and gone I wanted to post a few of my favorite photos so I won't forget these fun days we are enjoying!  Plus some grandparents requested a Dutch post. 

Earlier in the summer Dutch had to pick and eat blackberries everyday.  All of the blackberries have been eaten so now he is on a daily mission to pick tomatoes - his favorite food.  He usually eats a few each afternoon and Claire cleans up the rest.

Another must do for Dutch is a car ride.  He has just recently discovered how much fun it is to play in the real car but nothing can replace his love for being pushed around the neighborhood waiving at all of the cars and petting all of the dogs.
We are loving the new restaurants that opened up over the summer just down the street from us. Walks to get an ice cream cone, why not?!

I know, all little boys look so precious when they try to do everything that Daddy does but seriously this is so adorable.

Dutch's cousin celebrated her birthday at a trampoline place and Dutch was a fan.

Dutch's first photobomb.

Chubby legs, sweet little curls, gingham bubbles and black eyed suzies, can't get any better. 

Onto October

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Exterior Updates

So back in the spring I mentioned some updates I wanted to make to the exterior of our house.  As you can see our black shutters were faded so they needed to be spruced up.  I wanted to go with a blackish brown with a little bit of green undertone.

I decided on Sealskin by Sherwin Williams.  The shutters are plastic (ugh) so the sales man at SW recommended their Super Paint.  It did not require a primer and so far so good.  The shutters were removed, I cleaned them really well and let them dry for a few days.  Instead of painting them by hand, Eric sprayed them and we let them cure for a few days before putting them back up.

For the door I really wanted to go with a green.  I tired several colors out and ended up going with the top one in the photo below, Valspar Willow Leaf.  It really is a pretty color, similar to the boxwood planters on the porch. Before I painted the door I decided to scrape off a little tiny part of paint that was peeling.  Well you can guess what happened, you don't ever just peel a tiny bit of paint.  That front door was then stripped and right in the middle of that I gave up.  Eric took the door down to pressure wash the rest of the paint off.  We then sanded and it is good enough- we'll just call it character!  When people asked how my weekend was I told them I spent the whole thing wrestling with a 64 year old bitch.  Ok not really - I don't really say those kind of things but people it was terrible.

Paint goes on the door- oh and it was the paint that Dutch spilled all over the dining room and living room and it is too close to the brick undertone.  Boo hoo because I love the color and it looked so good with the boxwood planters.  I ended up getting Eddie Bauer's Laurel Leaf.  But they mixed it in HIGH gloss and well no 64 year old biddy looks good all glossied up showing her imperfections.
Sooo I had to go back and buy yet another can of paint.  

FINISHED!  It has taken me a while to get use to the new paint colors.  Honestly the shutters turned out a little to light.  We didn't prime them but I think if we had started with a white background the color would have been more saturated.  The door was a little too something for me, still not sure what and it isn't the best with my planters but for now the shutters and door are staying as is!

This photo below is a little more true to the door color.  Not as Kermit as the other photos suggest.

My poor boxwoods.  Fingers crossed they grow back.  We aren't really sure what happened to them.  Any suggestions?  A freezing winter?

Also did you notice we cut down the confederate jasmine?  I know!  I've talked about those vines for 5 years and then I chop them off.  There wasn't enough contrast in all of the green and it was sort of suffocating.

See what I mean?!  We still need to repaint the columns after taking the jasmine down.  Hoping that will get done sometime this fall.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My New Lunch

Something strange happened to me over the past few weeks.... I've started to eat sandwiches.  This is big for me as I do not really prefer untoasted bread, sliced cheese, deli meat, mustard, mayo or making sandwiches annnnd that is what makes up a sandwich.  If sandwiches were ever on the menu I would either skip or eat a bowl of cereal.

But a few weeks ago I picked up some really thin cajun sliced turkey from the deli counter, got some really thin sliced cheese (Sargento) and thinner bread (Nature's Own Sandwich Rounds) and it all worked together.  Add 1/2 an avocado and a fresh picked tomato that is still hot from the sun and you have perfection!  I did sub buffalo chicken for the turkey this week to change things up but I prefer the turkey.

Does everyone agree that sandwiches are something that taste better when someone else is making them for you?  Same goes with salad.
Now that a whole new food group is open in my world any suggestions I should try?!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DIY Nap Mat

A few weeks ago Dutch moved up classrooms at daycare.  It sort of caught me off guard because he had just moved up to the little toddler room a few weeks prior.  He stayed in the infant room until he was almost 1 because he was such a good helper and sweet to the little babies they didn't want to let him go.  And now the big kid room with a cirruclum?!  Anyway in this new room he takes a nap on a cot.  A COT!  I mean we haven't even mastered the art of keeping him in his crib all night long #lazystillnursingmomofaspoiled14monthofbabythatusesmeasapassyproblems, how will they keep him asleep essentially on the floor?  I don't know how but they do and it is so cute.  Since he is sleeping on a cot he would now need a nap mat.  I looked at this as an opportunity to make something special for my son buy new fabric so I decided to make his nap mat. After way too much consideration and thought I decided to go with the wagon and bike fabric since he like wheels.  I still got to use gingham and chambray that I was originally planning on using.  

There are tutorials out there but I decided just to wing it.  Essentially I folded quilt batting over 3 times and sewed it to the wrong side of the gingham so it would be like 1 fabric.  Then I made a pillow from more batting layers and sewed it onto the gingham/batting.  Then I made the attached blanket by sewing the wheel fabric with minky and I did a quilt binding out of red gingham to finish off the edge.  I was so proud of myself for sewing the handle and; velcro fabric onto the chambray backing before putting the layers all together so the seams wouldn't show on the other side.  So proud. Sandwiched the gingham, blanket and chambray backing all together and sewed leaving an opening so I could turn it right side out after sewing.  Did that and realized that I sewed my handle and velcro on the wrong side of the chambray (!@X?).  It wouldn't be a sewing project without the seam ripper being used at least once.  By then I was ready to be finished so I just sewed them on not caring that the seams show on the gingham side.  To finish off the nap mat and keep the batting from shifting I sewed a seam under the pillow and 3 more across the mat. 
Boom done.   

Of course these 2 are on it as soon as I try to take a photo.

Not sure why the right side of the pillow looks curved, it isn't.  That was one good thing about using the gingham, I could easily keep my lines straight.

Here's to many good naps and maybe just maybe one day a good nights sleep ;)

Here's to good naps and maybe one day a good nights sleep ;)

Wheel fabric
Green Gingham fabric
Red gingham fabric is a Pottery Barn crib sheet from the thrift store
Chambray fabric is a Ralph Lauren sheet from the thrift store
Minky is just good ole white minky dot

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Birthday Party Details

I almost didn't remember the password to this blog.  I've missed this space but I've just not really had time to blog or read blogs.  I've got about a month's worth of reading blogs to catch up on.  Maybe one day I will get there.  But in the mean time I'm going to try and get my own blog caught up.  And yes that means another party post.  I've had a few questions about where things came from so I'm just going to put all of that here.  After this one I'm done with the party....

Even though we didn't have a big party for Dutch I was still able to get my craft on for his birthday celebration.
His invitations were super simple.  I printed them on cardstock, painted with water colors, traced a popsicle shape, glued them together with a popsicle stick in between them paper and mailed them out!

I made some really ugly sugar cookies for everyone to keep in their hotel room to snack on.  They weren't too pretty but they tasted so good.  I used this recipe for the cookies and this recipe for the icing here.

Seriously these loo so terrible! The orange looks like American cheese. So funny but tasted so good!

I made this adorable banner but it stayed at our house.  I started with the day Dutch was born and a photo from every month up and ended with his birthday.  Lots of smiles from this kid.  This will probably always be up because it makes us happy.

I needed something for the front door so I painted this birthday cake... on cardboard.  Why did I do that?  I thinking if I seal it maybe we can reuse it?

Things I didn't make because I know my limits.
Dutch's popsicle holding octopus party shirt

I ordered from etsy shop Jake N Me.  It was super cute!

Dutch's swimsuit

ordered from etsy shop Southern Hands LLC.  I ordered the seersucker one the first time but game them the wrong monogram.  They were really nice to rush me out one with the right monogram.  I want everything in this shop. 

Dutch's party hat

I felt really bad for not making this myself but it was just easier to order and the party hat turned out amazing.   Ordered from etsy shop Hilly House.

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